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We are Fiji’s only dedicated wine importer and over the past 20 years we have built an international portfolio of award-winning wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.

Our selection of wines span simple varietal table wines to Museum releases and unique wines, cellared to gain even greater age and depth. This is reflected in the wide price range also.

Some of the wines we import have established and highly respected reputations and others are from more recently established wineries that are contemporary and innovative.

Stock Code VictoriaWine00052

Bright lime/citrus semillon fruit and lovely, toasty bottle-age complexity developing. Generous mouthful of flavours across the classic fruit spectrum. …More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00215

This Carmenere stands out with a deep purple red color and aromas of plum, black pepper and tobacco, which merge with earthy herbaceous notes. On the palate it is a silky, luscious…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00212

This expressive and complex Cabernet Sauvignon is very elegant on the nose, with notes of truffles, black currant, dark chocolate, and coffee. Generous on the palate, with round ta…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00203

Aromas of plum, cherries and spices. On the palate it is gentle, balanced and subtly interlaced with voluptuous tannins. Food pairing: Ideal for serving with red and white meat and…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00213

The outstanding deep purple color of this Carmenere leads to aromas of plums, black pepper, and tobacco mingling with earthy notes and herbs. The palate is silky and seductive, end…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00204

This intense red-carmine colored Carmenere presents a wonderful and interesting bouquet to the nose with layers of red fruits and spices. It is gentle and round on the palate with …More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00201

Fruity and GREAT for summer, excellent with salad and soft cheeses, hints of Peach and Banana. Just yummy and good for new wine drinkers. It is crisp and has a high acidity so pair…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00205

Deep ruby red in colour this Merlot presents notes of strawberries and blackberries, the velvety palate offers well rounded tannins and a pleasing finish.Alcohol:13%…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00217

Red-ruby colored, this Pinot Noir presents complex and intense aromas of strawberry,cherries and cloves combined with green tea leaves notes. It is gentle and buttery on the palate…More ›

Stock Code VictoriaWine00208

On the nose it expresses scents of red cherry, plums intermingled with raspberry notes. The palate is gentle and round.…More ›