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It's Riesling month this March!

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This March, we're celebrating International Riesling Day! 

For far too long Riesling has been the Cinderella of the white wine market, under appreciated and ignored by most of the public and yet having the qualities to make it perhaps the Queen of whites. Part of this is due to it also being Chameleon-like in its ability to appear in many guises from very dry through the whole spectrum to ultra-sweet or even to appear as a Botrytis dessert wine - but at every stage it retains its balancing acidity and length.

Australian Rieslings from the Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills are often very dry with bracing acidity and zest and make excellent aperitifs; New Zealand by contrast tends towards an off-dry style with higher remnant fruit sugars making them a more easy-drinking option. Back labels may score the degree of dryness and makes it easier to make your choice.